Quirky Game Shows & Pub Quizzes from Berlin and Remote

How many times did you wish your team events were more fun?

Well, that truly wasn't an inspiring trivia quiz question. But one you might asked yourself too often, stealing your way out of a boring cocktail workshop. So here is our promise: You read this text to find out how to book a real fun game show - and in return we hide a little prize at the end for you! 

Our game shows and pub quizzes are designed to be funny, quirky, and engaging – whether you wanna chase your team around the office or have a fun pub crawl: With our remote options, your team can join in from anywhere in the world, making it easy and convenient to bring everyone together...

So, let's get ready to play and have some fun! If you tell us the correct answer to the next questions, get 5% off your fist booking: Who is the father of North, Psalm, Saint and Chicago?

4,8 / 5 Stars:

On our booking platform hirschfeld.de, we have reached overwhelmingly positiv feedback for our online game shows and pub quiz events

Our promise:

No lame cocktail tasting, no old dad jokes, no boring trivia pursuit questions. We are the "You don't know Jack" for your office - and we will prepare each show tailored to your team and needs!

"Bombastic event"

-Oliver Krakowsky, Gastronomic Partner Relations, Warsteiner Brewery

Online Game Show for Remote Teams

Invented and tested during lockdown, The Last Conference Call Before The End Of The World is a story based Game Show where you and your team have to fight for survival: Survive the apokalypse by winning silly challenges like finding the most toilet paper or knowing how to kill a zombie! We know the end is just the beginning of a good time!

60 min. - remote - up to 48 πŸ‘·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Happy Teams, fun times - everywhere!

No matter the location or occasion, our pub quizzes bring excitement and engagement everywhere! From stunning rooftop events and festive Christmas parties to bustling fairs and exhibitions, we cater to large groups with our extensive experience. Let us turn any event into an unforgettable team-building adventure. 

Have an idea? Talk to us! πŸ‘·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Individual Pub Quiz Events in your office - or rooftop!

Looking for a fun and engaging team-building activity for your office? Look no further than our individual Pub Quiz Event! Our quizmaster Fabian will lead your group through multiple rounds of trivia questions from pop culture to history to sports. Our tailored experience will add in your individual fun facts to your show!

90 min. - on location - up to 30 πŸ‘·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Teams that have trusted us

Your Host

Fabian Mrongowius is a creative producer from Berlin - but at night he turns into a quirky quizmaster, your β€œThe End is Nigh”- Navigator who will provide your team a charming and fun event to remember. Since he invented "The Last Conference Call Before The End Of The World" as a remote game show during Corona, he has come up with many new formats and ideas!